गाय का व्याकरण / The grammar of Holy Cow

क्या गाय को माँ कहना या गंगा नदी को माँ कहना उचित है I तब तक उचित है जब तक कहने वाला और सुनने वाला यहाँ पे लगे माँ शब्द के व्याकरण को समझता है I

जिस गर्भ से हमारी उत्पत्ति होती है उस वयक्ति वशेष को हम माँ कह कर बुलाते है I माँ यहाँ संज्ञा हैI

वयाकरण में माँ का विशेषण में भी अर्थ होता है I वह संज्ञा जो निष्पक्ष और निस्वार्थ देती है I विशेषण हुआ I

वयाकरण में संज्ञा की परिभाषा से बछरेह की माँ हुई गाय I

क्योंकी गंगा नदी जल और गाय जल को स्वचालित कर पुरे मानवता को निष्पक्ष और निस्वार्थ देती है ई इसलिए हम उन्हें माँ का विशेषण देते है I

मैँ अपना सवाल पुनः दोहराता हू ……….. क्या गाय को माँ कहना या गंगा नदी को माँ कहना उचित है I तब तक उचित है जब तक कहने वाला और सुनने वाला यहाँ पे लगाई माँ शब्द के व्याकरण को समझता है i

आप खुद ही विचार करे और उत्तर खोजे I

Is it prudent to prefix or suffix ‘MAA’ word to river Ganga or Cow ? Till the time one saying and one listening understands the grammar of ‘Noun’ and ‘Adjective’.

The persson who infests the womb in which one evolves is known as ‘MAA’ as noun.

‘MAA’ also has a meaning when used as an adjective in grammar. The one who offers selflessly and impartially. This is the meaning when used as an adjective.

In noun the mother of Calf is Cow.

Since river Ganga offers water and Cow regulates the hydrolog cycle, which serves the entire humanity. Therefore we address them with ‘Cow’ as an adjective.

I repeat my question….  Is it prudent to prefix or suffix ‘MAA’ word to river Ganga or Cow ? Till the time one saying and one listening understands the grammar of ‘Noun’ and ‘Adjective’.

Please ponder for yourself and find the reply.

Mothers and Fathers Day

By earmarking a specific date as mothers or fathers day, have we attempted to acknowledge their unparallel love and affection or we have scaled down the unscalable outreach of this pure relationship.

Our relationship with our mother and father cannot be squeezed to a day as a token of their selfless love. It is not a company where you file the balance sheet each financial year ending 31st march….

Under the garb of convenience, we should not be disrespectful to this sacrosanct realtionship by supporting consumerism. Sales of stores go up and down,their collections follow four seasons ( spring summer, autumn , winter ) ; Whereas parents love and affection never go up and down and they follow same warmth irrespective of any season.

Qualitative versus Quantitative approach

In the game of relay race, a stick is transported from first racer to the second racer and so on.

When we try to ensure that stick must reach the finishing line ahead of competetion, our approach then becomes quantitative. Here the perception is compounding on stick. The stick becomes the focus.

When we ensure that racer must give lead to his successive racer to then ensure to be first to reach the finishing line, it then becomes a qualitative approach. Here the perception is compounding on racer. The racer remains the focus.

See how the underlying assumptions change and we begin to err.

The Game of Musical Chair in Money

Bankers are the custodian to people’s money. To facilitate lending ,we are facilitating to  subsidize GDP.  While following the concept of compounding interest ( hedge funds, leveraging, CDR, Asset restructuring companies etc.), we forget what is real, what is not real. Money is not mobile, therefore it cannot be refurbished.

Till the time the principal amount of money is with the owner/depositor, it is real and cannot be lost. Once it gets deposited in bank it becomes unreal/ virtual and unable to trace/track as it travels along the optical fibres.

Let us pose one question to ourselves: If all citizen go to bank tomorrow for withdrawl of their entire savings, can the citizens collect all ? Money is an angel till the time it is covered by bullion, in absense of bullion reserves, it becomes amonster.

Money must have a guardian. Without such foundation, the money will begin to wither away.

let us revisit our underlying assumptions to build ‘Karz Mukt Bharat’ .

Jai Hind.

Language: word science

Word is Science…..

शब्द बिना भाव के वह कैरम बोर्ड की गोटिया के सामान है जिसमे कैरम बोर्ड पर से रानी और स्ट्राइकर लापता है। अर्थात ऊस खेल या लेखनी का कोई निष्कर्ष नहीं निकलना है।

दलित किसी वर्ण जाती या वर्ग की उत्पत्ति नहीं है … बल्कि यह एक सोच की उत्पत्ति है। दलित वह है जो यह सोच रखते है की मल्ल या पैखाना उठाने वाला न छूने योग्य है। ऐसी सोच अनुसूचित जन जाती में आती है।

जैसे सिटी के बिना प्रेशर कुकर अनुपयोगी है उसी तरह नारी के बिना घर या समाज अनुपयोगी है। अर्थात जैसे सिटी को चौका या रसोई में सहेज कर रखते है उसी तरह घर या समाज में नारी को भी सहेज के रखना चाहिए ।




Ramanujan: A Brave Soldier

There are times when a celluloid version is more effective a tool versus the text/syllabi version. So is the case with the movie titled “The Man who knew Infinity” based on renowned mathematician S.Ramanujan.

Patriotism is a feeling which needs to be ignited time and again. Hosting of flag and singing National Anthem will become more complete then. A nation without patriotic feeling is like a bird without wings, a fruit without sweetness and a flower without fragrance.

I plead, it may be viewed by all the minds of our great nation, India. All Institutes, academy, college, school, borders, communities etc. may screen this dubbed in respective regional languages. The public screening may be organized thru Doordarshan , all Panchayats, auditoriums, bank branches, post offices etc.. To some it may qualify under CSR.

One may think under what yardstick is this a patriotic movie or why not other movies ? Ramanujan was a one man army and with the power of knowledge he conquered the coveted province called ‘Trinity College, Cambridge, U.K’ and made the nation proud while we were still under the British Raj.

All distinguished reading this letter may watch this movie.

Elements of Life: Water

We have grown up reading ‘water is life’. Some say we need water to survive, therefore this saying. We need lot more things to survive like air , fire etc. but we do not use such sayings for air, fire etc. Little or no meaning has ever been been understood in such a saying. Our ancestors always preached that never refuse to offer drinking water. It is a practice that a few drops of ganga jal is offered to a departing soul.

We are not a product of womb, we are a product of water. Water contains the most important element of life. It is time science discovers it. For nine months we stay afloat in water bag, while we get weaved. Why ?

Since when education got limited to …..

Few go to Ivy league college, few go to other college , few do not go to college….Few go to public school, few go to government schools, few do not go to schools.

In each case we forget that the place for education is home. In school/ college we put to test our home education.

Education is a holistic development of mind. Thought is at the root of everything, it breeds in mind. The all pervasive, all powerful.

There is no fixed syllabi for education, rather it is a way of living. The qualities which nurse Intelligent quotient, Emotional quotient and Adversary quotient is good and holoistic education. This constitutes a healthy mind.

In present time it could mean…. Sending children to school by bus… educates time management. To ensure that they pass stool, brush meticulosly and bathe educates them of hygiene. To see in the morning that both parents are awake and are involved, say mother preparing tiffins while father or grand parents drop at the bus stop or vice-versa educates for participation, involvement and caring. To ensure that the dress , shoes , bags are kept ready before they go to bed educates for being careful. To ensure that childrens all desires, wishes are not fulfilled by parents educates for patience, tolerance. To play sports or an instrument educates social harmony , maximum participation, inter and intra co-ordination while being biologically good also. Undertake joint family holidays instead nuclear family holidays to educate on values and ethics. Encourage for activities in real space. All this in turn will give berth to mutual and timely interaction while strengning all the 3 quotients. Like this many examples can be drwan from daily lives.

Time is the best gift which parents can give to children. This education will sustain family,society and country.  Merely grades/ numbers/ degrees will not sustain. It takes will to raise a child.

India in next decade: most populous and most unemployed nation

Current population of India is 128 crores. 54% of India’s population is below 25 years of age. Grossly unemployed. By the next decade, we will be most populous country in the world surpassing China. Legislature, Judiciary & Executive may define uniform age for retirement, selflessly. Or else let there be a level playing field for everyone i.e no retirement age for anybody. One serves till one desires. Whether one is elected or selected is not a tenable submission. Either one get’s ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’ is unimportant, as the coin is one. People’s interest is paramount. The very basic of democracy. If there can be a uniform age for being responsible to vote . There may be a uniform cum responsible age to exit . With each new employment the nation supports 5 ( five) nationals and the subsequent chain reaction lifts the mood of the nation. To assert that a specific individual is needed to carry a specific responsibility is shear institutionalisation . Which has a cascading effect, prohibits change , demoralises prospective successors, checks on further nursing of talents and skills. To explain institutionalisation , one remembers weed (a type of grass which crops in the field) which is detrimental to growth of cultivable’s. Such grass is uprooted by farmers in bigger interest.